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Scottish Ghillie Jacobite Shirt Brown


  • Rust-proof eyelets
  • Thick leather tie
  • Easy-wash & ironing
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Scottish Ghillie Jacobite Shirt

Made from the ultimate comfort fabric, this calico cotton shirt will your skin breathe while keeping you looking fabulously authentic!

Rust-proof eyelets
Thick leather tie
Easy-wash & ironing

Top quality Jacobite shirt (sometimes called a Ghillie shirt, or Jacobean shirt) in cream calico fabric for easy-wash and ironing, with colour matching rust-proof eyelets, and fully finished thick real leather tie. Jacobite shirts are designed to be loose-fitting and are very comfortable.

Size guide:

Note: Please consider your waist size too, if too big then chest size

Small – suitable for 38-40 inch chest
Medium – suitable for 40-42 inch chest
Large – suitable for 42-44 inch chest
XL – suitable for 44-46 inch chest
2XL – suitable for 46-48 inch chest
3XL – suitable for 48-50 inch chest
4XL – suitable for 50-52 inch chest
5XL – suitable for 52-54 inch chest

What is The Kilts Hub return policy?2018-08-13T15:52:29+05:00

What is The Kilts Hub return policy?

  • We offer a refund policy for most items. Engraved or custom-made items cannot be refunded unless a manufacturer’s fault is found with them.
  • Buyers must return goods within 30 days of receiving the order.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure any returned goods reach us in satisfactory condition.
  • Please ensure that all bags/tags/labels untorn and still attached.
  • To minimize processing time and speed up your exchange/refund, please ensure that any items returned charges must be pay customer end, and packing must be sent in secure, protective wrapping.
  • We make an effort to ensure the goods reach you in great condition – we’d really appreciate you returning the favor.
What is shipping time?2018-08-30T19:31:01+05:00

We have 2 kind of shipping method

Standard Order

80% Inventory we have in-stock. However, standard order in-stock inventory we ship 2-3 business day plus approx 12-14 business days more for delivery via standard shipping service exclude (SATURDAY & SUNDAY). Limited tracking available, mostly tracking not work and sometime its work.

Rush Order

80% Inventory we have in-stock. However, in-stock inventory we ship 1 business day plus 72 hours more for delivery via FedEx / DHL International Priority service exclude (SATURDAY & SUNDAY).
Tracking number will be enter your order status and you will get email too.

Custom Order

For Custom order we require 3 business days plus 72 hours more for delivery exclude (SATURDAY & SUNDAY). If you select Rush Order Shipping method.

Measuring Guides2018-09-08T12:25:00+05:00

To make sure your items fit perfectly when they arrive, we’ve made some measuring guides with handy tips to help you take accurate measurements first time.

Please Note:
Decide where you’d like to wear your kilt. You can wear it up at your natural waist, which is a wee bit above your belly button, and higher than guys tend to wear their pants nowadays. You can also wear your kilt lower, closer to the hips like your jeans or shorts. It’s up to you and what you find most comfortable. Having said that, if you’re a Gentleman of Substance I generally suggest wearing your kilt higher up. It’s much more flattering than having the waistband under your stomach, and the front of the kilt will hang nicely.
Alright then! Take your measuring tape and run it around yourself where you want the top of your kilt to sit. Do pull it just slightly snug. Not tight, just snug. Stand straight and let things fall where they may. No sucking in or pushing out of the gut.

2. HIP
Measure loosely around the widest part of your hip. How do you know where the widest part is? Stand with your back to a wall and slowly back up. The bit that touches the wall first is where you want your Trusty Assistant to measure.

3. FELL MEASUREMENT ( Distance between Waist and Hip)
Run the tape from where you measured your waist to where you measured your hip. The pleats will be sewn down along the fell, which is part of what gives a kilt it’s unique swish and swing when you move.

A kilt is worn roughly at the knee. If you like a very traditional look then you’ll want to have your kilt at the top of your knee. If you’re not one for rules and like your kilt to ride low on your hips then you might like to have it at the bottom of your knee.
Okay, stand nice and straight and have your Trusty Assistant measure down your side from where you took your waist measurement to the spot on your knee where you want the hem of your kilt to fall.
Or you can measure it by bending on your knees and run the tape from Waist to the bottom of the floor. Done and done.

Remember, these measurements are important and need to be accurate. Measure twice, then measure a third time to be sure. If it feels like something isn’t right, or if you have any questions, please let me know.

Please Note:

1.Neck Size

By wrapping the measuring tape around the neck, put about one inch above from shoulders. This may also coincide with the bottom of your Adam’s apple. put a finger between the tape and your neck so it do not feels tight or loose.
make sure the tape is at level and not bent or at an angel note down the neck size.

2. Shoulder Width

To measure the shoulder width Measure from one shoulder edge to the other from the back .These points are where the shoulder meets the arm. Run the measuring tape from one point to the other shoulder from above the shoulders about an inch below the neck

3. Chest

For Jacket measurement this is an important part. Measure around the widest part of your chest, place the tape close under the arms and make sure the tape is level flat across the front and back. while in relax position note down the chest measurement and you are good to go

4. Waist Size

To measure waist size for the jacket wrap the tape around the widest part of your stomach, this is usually across belly-button. Do not breathe in or out, keeping yourself normal & relax take waist measurement.

5. Sleeve Length

To measure Sleeve length put one end of the measuring tape at upper shoulder edge where shoulder meets the arm, run the tape along outside of your arm down
to the wrist. make sure that arm is bent to ensure the proper movement

6. Back Length

Back length is the measurement from the base of center Back Neck Point or cervical to the natural waistline level across belly button.

7. Height

Measure your body height standing straight against the wall.

The Kilts Hub Doublet Measurement Advice

Take these measurements while wearing your kilt, a good fitting dress shirt, and the belt you will be
wearing on the outside of the tunic.


We make 3 different sizes of collar height see above image. You can select collar height under product options
when you fill you measurements.


Puff out your neck to it’s maximum size before measuring. Collar will be cut 1″ larger than provided
measurement to ensure your collar will be comfortable in all conditions.


Measure chest circumference under arms at largest point. Chest will be cut about 1″ larger than provided


Measure waist circumference over your kilt at the level you will be wearing your belt on the outside of the
tunic. Waist will be cut about 1″ larger than provided measurement. Always measure, absolutely DO NOT


Measure from the base of your collar to the bottom of your belt while wearing the belt at the level you will be
wearing it on the outside of the tunic. Your belt level on the outside of the tunic may be different that when
wearing your belt with kilt and shirt alone (usually higher). The belt hooks will be installed at this level.


Measure from the base of your collar to the bottom of your belt.


Measure from top seam where shirt arm attaches to your shirt body over bent elbow to the desired cuff length.
Note cuffs normally “ride up” a little when bending your arm, so it is important to measure with a bent elbow to
get desired wrist coverage when bending your arms while wearing your tunic. Compare with same
measurement from a good fitting suit jacket.


Measure from shoulder seam to shoulder seam while wearing a good fitting dress shirt.

Will It Fit Upon Arrival?2018-08-13T14:31:33+05:00

Will It Fit Upon Arrival?

Absolutely. When you give your measurements to Scottish Kilt, we take them seriously. Each kilt is made specifically to measure and to fit your unique size, and it is the backbone to the kilts that we make for you. The measurement guide lets you understand the exact measurements that you need to input upon checkout. When compared to the other kilt makers on the internet, you will quickly realize that Scottish Kilt takes our craft the most seriously out of all of them. We invest a lot of our resources and time into coming up with the highest degree of measurement accuracy to ensure the proper fit.

What if I Lose or Gain Weight?2018-08-13T14:31:55+05:00

What if I Lose or Gain Weight?

The kilt is certainly one of the most forgiving and versatile garments a person can wear. The tartan kilts from Scottish Kilt are made using the traditional methods that allow you to adjust it as you see fit. Furthermore, there are buckles that provide room for additional adjustments, ensuring that you will love your kilt and the way it fits no matter how your body might change. That said, our Hybrid Kilts and Utility kilts are of a fixed size, meaning adjustments are not possible, so keep that in mind when you choose the measurements for those kilts.

Why are kilt sizes different than pant sizes?2018-08-13T14:32:54+05:00

Why are kilt sizes different than pant sizes?

Jeans are worn lower so the waist location for the jeans is probably different to where you are measuring your waist using the tape.
Secondly a jeans that says waist 34 is a finished waist 36 (its called vanity sizing).
So your waist where you wear the jeans is 36 from the body therefore do not use your pants measurements for ordering kilt!
I wear a 34 in Levis but my kilts range from 36-39 inches, depending on where I wear it.

If you send us your jeans waist size your kilt won’t fit and you’ll be a sad panda.

How to measure your kilt size ?2018-08-13T14:33:19+05:00

How to measure your kilt size ?

It’s very important to know how to measure your Kilt size before buying a Kilt, Fortunately it’s super easy to do, and we only need four measurements. You’ll need a tailor’s measuring tape, which you can get at any sewing or craft store if you don’t already have one. Don’t use a metal tape measure! You also want a Trusty Assistant to help.

Note: If you send us your jeans waist size your kilt won’t fit and you’ll be a sad panda. 🙁

What is the normal kilt length size?2018-08-13T14:33:42+05:00

What is the normal kilt length size?

Kilt length is much a matter of choice, within certain limits. Generally the accepted ‘correct’ length is from the top of the knee to about mid-knee. Personally I like mine to hit right at the top of my kneecap.

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